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KG Companies has a long list of satisfied clients for whom we have completed many new homes, renovations, remodels and renewable energy projects. We are also involved in the construction of light commercial projects for professional, retail and industrial clients.


"With the last of the work done, we want to thank you for the tremendous job you and your crew did to totally remodel our house.

Not only were you almost on time with the original calendar, even with our adding extras, you kept to your committed budget. We were extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship from all your crew and also the resources you outsourced. Everyone was totally professional, qualified and met the commitments you had made to us.

Additionally, everyone was pleasant to work with and very positive and upbeat. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing and that made it pleasant to work with them. We felt when we made comments or requests that we were heard and our requests were complied with - nothing was ever a pain to change – and we did make changes as the remodeling progressed!

We can’t speak highly enough of the quality of work. Even after living in the house for a month now, we have not found anything that was overlooked or anything that needs to be re-done.

We also appreciated how well you worked with our architect, Joel Jenkins, in interpreting his plans and then coordinating changes with him.

In addition, both you and your crew made suggestions to improve the appearance in some areas which were changes from the original plans. We appreciated your sense of style and creativity on those suggestions, all of which we incorporated into the house.

Thanks for a terrific job, and please thank Rich, Dan, Brian, and the rest of your crew and your subcontractors."

Kristine Perry-Schmidt


"George, Geoff, and I would like to thank you for the job you performed in constructing our new building.

From the beginning you provided guidance on our building ideas, selecting an architect and site engineer, to constructing a completed building all within less than a year. You met our target move in date and took care of any concerns we had along the building stage.

Completing the building within our budget was a concern we had which you were confident could be accomplished. That was a goal we achieved. You were always accessible for any questions we had along the way and willing to spend any amount of time we required satisfying our queries.

We have been in our new facility for several months now and we appreciate the job you performed. It was a pleasure working with you during an important time in our company history."

Jim Wolfe, President
John Ernst Company INC.


"Thank you so much for your labors. We know that your rewards for this job will be only eternal rewards. But on “that day” there will be a long line of lives that were changed because of your labor and sacrifice at Glenwood Baptist Church. We believe the Lord will make it up to you by blessing your family and your business abundantly. It was a joy to work with you. You will remain in our prayers and praise."

In Christ,

Karen Hallett – Building Committee Chairman

Deepest Appreciation and Warmest Thanks!
Pastor Bob Ingraham

Thank you for the beautiful job, well done on the church building. It sure is a blessing!
Dave Thomas

Glenwood Baptist Church


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