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The company owner Kurt Gewecke started the business as a means to put himself through engineering school at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Upon graduation and faced with a career choice between construction and design, Mr. Gewecke chose construction and has not looked back.

KG Builders was established in 1988 with a used pickup truck, a ladder and a small array of hand tools. Over the years it has progressed from a carpenter doing odd carpentry jobs and decks to a contracting firm completing commercial projects valued at over 6 million dollars.

As the company’s projects grew in size and scope, the company also grew in professionalism and clients as well as industry respect. KG Builders has been awarded the prestigious Community Builders Association Award of Excellence on many of its projects over the years. Mr. Gewecke was also honored as New Jersey Builders Association “Remodelor of the Year” in 1996 and was inducted into the “Remodelor Hall of Fame” in 1998..
It was in 1998 that KG Builders took their proven service model and expanded it into the commercial arena. It was that expansion that provided the platform from which KG Companies was ultimately launched.
KG Management was formed in 2001 expressly for the purpose of providing construction management services. Its goal is to provide a professional option to construction that allows for client involvement, reduced overall cost and a superior product. It has since taken on the role of Solar Operations and Maintenance for systems from 100 kW to multi mega watt projects.

In 2009 with the advent of increased global political challenges Mr. Gewecke saw the need and felt a patriotic duty to help establish energy independence within the United States. After thousands of hours of research, training and study KG Companies announced the establishment of KG Solar and Renewable Energy. Our goal is to make renewable energy affordable for all clients residential and commercial. It is Mr. Gewecke’s belief that with a comprehensive national energy strategy which includes multiple renewable sources together with tapping fossil resources available to us within our territory and within international territory we can attain energy independence and secure the future for our selves our children, and future generations. KG Companies thru its renewable energy division is dedicated to the concept of American exceptionalism and endeavors to use it to promote a brighter future.

Whether through residential building, commercial contracting, project management, solar energy, energy management and efficiency or property and project maintenance; KG Companies is dedicated to extraordinary customer service and overall client satisfaction..

Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide the Tri-State area's construction market with building solutions that offer outstanding service, incredible value and the highest quality construction available. We are committed to the well being of our employees, their families and the advancement of their careers. We further commit, with the help of God, to be above reproach in all business and personal dealings and to share the success of KG Companies with our community by supporting organizations that reach out to people in need. With the increase in global challenges we are also committed to the development and integration of new technologies to aid in providing energy independence for the United States of America.

Energy Philosophy
Energy is the key to our future. Those who are enslaved to it will be enslaved to those who control and manage it. No matter what end of the political spectrum you find yourself, it is hard to deny the fact that energy in is one of the most significant socioeconomic / geopolitical issues of our day. It has ramification for us and our children in both the short and long term. It is therefore the responsibility of our generation to deal with this issue head on and with passion.

The future of energy will be found in distributed and micro generation.  It is our view that a comprehensive National energy strategy is needed in order to accomplish the goal of energy independence.  Micro generation is accomplished most effectively by different technologies in different parts of the country.  Using forms of generation such as; geothermal heat pumps and cogeneration, solar, wind, hydro, deep earth geothermal, tidal generation and nuclear generated power; we would generate electricity on a local level thereby reducing the stress and strategic vulnerability of the large scale grid system we have now.  By adding electric power through distributed generation we would reduce the demand for fossil fuels, allowing fuel prices to drop and the economy to be stimulated. Tapping into domestic oil and gas reserves we could supply most if not all of our fossil fuel needs without compromising our national security or the comfort and lifestyle we and our forefathers have worked so hard to attain.

It is the goal of KG Companies to promote this energy philosophy by implementing energy efficiency in our construction techniques as well as the implementation of cutting edge energy technology for energy production. We are committed to energy project integration on both a large and small scale. America is the greatest Nation on this earth and has contributed more to raising the standard of living of peoples of all nations than any other country in the history of the world. We believe in the concept of American Exceptionalism. Please join us in our generation’s contribution to the future of America.

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