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How Does Solar Work?
Originally developed in order to provide electrical energy for space satellites, photovoltaic energy uses photoelectric cells that convert light into electricity.

Solar photovoltaic power or PV takes advantage of the photovoltaic effect in which a solar cell converts sunlight into electricity.

In Sunlight there is a particle called a photons. When photons strike a pv (solar cell), they may be absorbed by a atom, so that the energy of the photon is transferred to the electron of the atom that receives that energy.

In a modem cell, the materials used for the solar cell are semiconductors.
There are two types of semiconductor: the N-type (in which there are a lot of nearly free electrons ) and the P-type ( in which there are a lot of "Holes"). It is called a hole when an electron has left its place, so in P-type semiconductor, there is a positive charge.
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    If a photon strike a N-type semiconductor, the electron can escape from its normal position. If the electron is free to move, and as it has a negative charge, it will try to catch a positive charge.

The positive charges are located in the P-type semiconductor ( below in the solar cell- see drawing ) and although they are attracted by them, it is impossible for electrons to pass the junction ( violet material ) as it is an insulator component. What can they do then?

The only way to find a Hole is by going out from the solar cell, passing through the load ( a bulb in this case ) and taking the wire toward the P-Type semiconductor. Now, we have electricity, clean, safe, non-polluting and getting cheaper every day.

Wiring cells in series creates panels, multiple panels create arrays. PV arrays create DC power which is converted to AC power through an inverter and delivered to your main electric service. Power produced from your PV system is delivered to your home via the main electrical box.
    If your home cannot use all the power the PV system is producing it delivers the power back to the power grid.

When power is delivered to the power grid by your system the utility meter “spins” backwards and gives you a usage credit!


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