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Through its project management division (formally Building Systems Management) KG companies has helped many clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process is simple. An owner or client hires KG Companies at the inception of the project. We coordinate all planning and design aspects of the project.

We coordinate the efforts of the Architect, Engineer, and land acquisition team, as well as facilitate the application of preliminary and final site plan approvals.

Our services do not take the place of any member of the development team; rather we enhance their ability to operate in an efficient and productive way.

We provide cost estimating services along the way and assist in value engineering the project in the design phase in order to maximize the cost effectiveness of a project from the start, saving both time and money.

Once the project is through the design phase we coordinate all aspect of the construction process and act on behalf of the client during construction.

KG companies can provide construction phase services in one or all of the following ways:

• Simple Owners Representative Services
  KG companies acts solely as a sounding board and owners advocate on the project. In this capacity we are typically not involved in the management of the construction at all.

• Limited Construction Management
  KG companies will be involved in the project in a purely administrative capacity. We will prepare contracts, payment applications, conduct meeting and inspect the job for overall compliance of the specification on the owner’s behalf. In this capacity we are typically not involved in the day to day management of the job and the owner is the final word on scheduling and jobsite management.

• Full Construction Management services
  KG Companies will be involved in all aspects of the management of the project. Our services include all the above plus on site administrative and management services, these services include:
  Daily full time on site supervision and management
Contractor scheduling
Maintaining of jobsite logs
Over site of contractor methods and performance, although we are not responsible for the means methods or performance of the contractors
       . . . we will report to the owner any concerns we may have
Jobsite meetings and contractor coordination
Jobsite Safety compliance

The construction process can be difficult and confusing to owners and CEO’s who don’t deal with it every day. We provide insight to our clients with regard to contractor need as well as communicate the owner’s needs to the contractors. Our services provide the owner with an advocate on the site who can mediate and head off problems before they occur saving them time and money. Contact us for a more detailed description of our services.

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